Hajime No Ippo Portable PSPBased on the Anime and manga series created by Jōji Morikawa in Japan.

As I always mention on my not well written articles you may call it whatever you want but I ignore Japanese because not everyone wants them and it would just be a waste of time and bandwidth for me in publishing them here.

But I may be wrong as I have seen few asking for Japanese to be uploaded here. I may change my mind, if you think those are worth for me to upload and publish here tell me your thoughts via the comments and if there is or are huge amount of people who wants Japanese to be publish here then I will do so.

I've long seen this during it's released but again I ignored it, I just published this today because someone asked from the chat-box.

I will monitor how popular this is by looking how many have got the file hope the Japanese see this page as I am expecting that it is popular in their country.

Well it is popular in my country as well as a matter of fact my brother is a fan of it, I am pertaining about the Anime Series though.

Right I guess that's all I can say about this hope you enjoy this...

Update: Working archive

Name: Hajime no Ippo Portable.iso
Size: 104MB (109051904 bytes)