What the heck is this all about? The title sounds unfamiliar isn't it? That was my first impression when asked to be uploaded from the chat box. I immediately search if there is such a game for our favorite console then to my surprise there really is but it is for PS1 and Nintendo only, since it's PS1 we can definitely play it on our beloved platform using emulation, Which needs to be converted into an EBOOT.PBP.

Good thing it's just small file about 400+MB and when converted becomes 255MB. I hope this post get's indexed by google on top I know that rhapsody is not a high trend keyword but at least it's low dense so I am looking forward that this page get's on first page.

Well I tried this myself and it seems to be designed for girls because the main character is a female child no wonder it was asked to be uploaded by kezuna.

Name: PSX Rhapsody.rar
Size: 249.1MB (261151095 bytes)