This was asked to be uploaded by kezuna from the chat-box, I am about to play it to be able to write a decent detail but my brother borrowed my PSP 3000 so now I am clueless how this works and how it is played. For those who are looking for megaman 8 fc then you landed on the wrong page this is not an iso as I converted this to an eboot.pbp already.

Okay I have nothing else to talk or say about this just hope you enjoy playing this ans when my console is back I will play this myself and update this page with a decent review. No trailer at this time because I am lazy looking and adding one.

Update: I saw some reports that this isn't working for some of you!!! I tried this myself and it worked. Take not that this is psx not an official one so you need to copy the MEGAMAN 8 folder on e.g. E:\PSP\GAME\ of your memory stick so it should appear as E:\PSP\GAME\MEGAMAN 8\EBOOT.PBP then before launching hold L or R then select 4.01 pops. Press X and it should load after...

I will upload a video later as a trailer and proof that this is working ...

Name: PSX Megaman 8.rar
Size: 298.8MB (313263347 bytes)