Also known as Rise of Apocalypse developed by Vicarious Visions Raven Software and published by Activision an action-rpg type, rated T for TEEN by ESRB.

If you go to IGN and read the details of this you will notice I just put the info on paragraph so I could write something here :) Oh I almost forgot the score It was given with 8.4 by then dubbed Impressive so I guess this sure is worth to play, that is if you want such an old stuff.

Man I need to write more... Here is a link about all the characters available on this particular release and here's a cheat for you to easily finish it. Alright hope this is enough.....

Just a little bit more... The soundtrack has become a big demand when this came out but Im not sure about that I just want to add more thing to write here....

Name: X-Men Legends 2.cso
Size: 431.9MB (452864548 bytes)