Billiard mini for all of you, I just noticed I've been doing wrong spelling on my articles hahaha specially the word babble. Still no new and exciting release to publish so I'll be posting several miniz until cool releases come out.

This was publish and developed by Big Head it's funny looking on the details from the official site because the description is over rated as if we should expect too much but in the end you'll just get disappointed and you might think that you've wasted money buying it from PSN so I greatly appreciate those people making this available for everyone and take note that this is already patch and it should work on all Custom Firmwares.

I think it's not necessary to discuss how this is played as well as the features as this is just a typical pool gaem and is similar to all the latter within the same category that came out. No reviews nor ratings since it's new. Rate it if you want by leaving comments.

Name: International Snooker.iso
Size: 6.4MB (6709248 bytes)