I didn't know this was already out until kent from the chatbox informed me. But when I saw it from IGN it will be release on March 2, 2010. Anyway this is just a teaser for you guys, I will definitely update this page once it comes out. You know me I am always up to date regarding new stuffs about our beloved console... :)

I actually converted a PS1 version of this which I published last week I think you can try that if you want while we are waiting for this to be out next month it's Story though, I do not know what the difference is.

Maybe this is a popular RPG g4me, I haven't roam around the net to see some statistics but this is still worth posting as I want to be the first to have this and drive traffic here :)

I wonder if this is already available on torrent as they are the first to obtain it most of the time. Right make sure you go back here on as early as it's out to get the complete iso

Note: The extension is .248 use winrar to extract it.

Name: lunar silver star harmony.iso story
Size: 834.3MB (874869752 bytes)

English / USA:

Adrive ->> Tested to work on M33-6 and all GENs