This is just another publication which I saw from a source It was released January 26, 2010 but I wasn't aware so I became late in making it available here.

I think it originally came from a torrent which had pretty good amount of seeders so I took the opportunity to get it and upload it here. I planning to make a mirror but not the usual server I use. I am thinking about megaupload to be honest I already have files hosted on megaupload because adrive seems to be busy most of the time. Although they are fast but since I am using a fee account they only allow 20 simultaneous users at the same time.

I'm just gonna use it as alternative though, not as a primary file host because Im sure there are many places out there who uses it. I want this site to be unique as far as possible.

Name: Shadow of Destiny.iso
Size: 1GB (1098246144 bytes)