There's not any popular releases coming out lately but I cannot sleep without updating this site with new ones even if they're not hot so I am publishing this... Just read the title above lols because I cannot write it here as this will cause problems to me and to Big G...

I checked what it is about and got confused that type it really is IGN says it's fighting type GS claims it's action who what? so who among them is correct? I think I should go to the Official Website and check give me a sec.........

I'm back and now I am confident that this is a fighting 2D battle type, appears GS info is misleading, This is not the first time reading wrong details from them anyway so what should I expect.

Right I am speechless again and can't think of anything to write or discuss, Oh before I forget this is not patch yet I think or maybe it is already so just try and report if you encounter any problems. Thanks and enjoy!!!

Name: BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Portable.iso
Size: 1.7GB (16919810000 bytes)