I thought this was RPG but IGN says it is Action, I wonder how it became action upon reading the title I already assumed it is RPG but I was wrong, This was originally developed and release for the PS3 then ported to PlayStation Portable published by Sony themselves.

The PS3 version seems to have become a success and was well praised according to IGN, but the one for our targeted console is just a gist and is incomplete that means we will have to wait for you g amer friends to play this and leave comments what it was like about the ga meplay, execution, graphics sound etc. to help ohers whether this is worth buying or let's say down loading from this site.

Well as usual I am not interested trying this because I hate gam es with dialogues, I saw some in gam e snapshots and noticed dialogues like the RPG's so I lost interest now I am relying on your opinions for the benefit of all.

Right that's all for now. Keep it cool :) cheers...

Name: Fat Princess Fistful of Cake.iso
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