This is was requested by someone from cb, as usual I know nothing about it but for the sake of all I will add details. Everything starts on the Island of Heart Flame where buggy's are used to roam around the place and of course you can walk to explore (I had to look for the meaning of buggy because I do not know what it is lol). Visit ruins, volcano and many other locations and make friends with the people on the town. All these areas have their own terrain and resembles a tropical paradise.

The main goal is to grow plants and raise livestock, some towns would ask for assistance and in return you'll get tools which will be useful in making your farm bare rich crops.

That was just a quick summary of what the title is about for more info and reviews go to GS or IGN. This is an old school I know there aren't any interesting releases anyway. There are many guides on the internet how this is played, You can obtain them from torrent and megaupload.

Name: Innocent Life a Futuristic Harvest Moon.iso.cso
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