This is just another old school asked to be published by mike from the cb, I had no interest posting this but I remember I have nothing to publish today so I gave it a go, I have several minis unpublished but I do not think they are worth publishing because well I dont know maybe one of these days I will make them available.

Right I always write the one above as a prelude lols I am really weak in writing articles but someday I will learn and improve, I think I need to read and go back to English writing class (Technical Writing):). Let's talk about what people look for regarding the title while searching for the trend.

This is just a quick babbling I needed to add more words on this part because if not it will make the house look untidy. This is also available for the MAC. Oh how I love faith hill even if I haven't met here, We will meet at mcdonalds this afternoon.

I found important things that I should include here and below is the list:

1. Cheats - This is the top trend about this title and so I should include it here another is deluxe.

2. Mod - I am not sure what needs to be modded but this is just a way for me to rank :)

3. Play Online - One of the features which I am not sure if available for the PlayStation Portable.

4. Codes - What codes? Well I dont know you tell me if you know :)

5. Demo - I do not upload or provide demos here it's better to play it full rather than trial.

6. Content Manager - Another brilliant feature to organize and see your progress.

7. Drop on 4 - Many people are looking for the meaning of this but no one has found yet just go back here and I will figure out myself.

8. Objects These are the things within the environment and something you need to deal with.

9. Infinite money - who wouldn't want such build as many city as you can with this.

10. PC - Yes this was originally mad for PC so you should play it on your PC too where experience is better than on the consoles.

That's all I can say about this hope you enjoy...

Name: The Sims 2 City.iso.cso
Size: 461.16 MB

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