I am thinking of what to write about this but I really can't think of any, I cannot publish a ga me without writing anything about it even if it's non sense and misleading so I really need to say something about the title.

Right I just found something to talk about, WALKTHROUGH yes it would be nice to use a walkthrough as it will make your lives easier in finishing this, I do not read such myself but I think it would be nice to try specially when you chose to play the difficult mode like what I did on Resistance Retribution I chose to play the difficult mode and until now I haven't finish it lol I already deleted the iso on my memory stick :D because new games are coming out and caught my interest.

If your having difficulties following the walkthrough then use cheats I have no idea how to use cheats but there's so many sites who offers such they're available on major review sites like IGN and others just use google or yahoo

Okay that's all for now sorry for being non sense :) I did it on purpose anyway...

Name: Dead Head Fred.iso.cso
Size: 883.7MB (926593349 bytes)

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