Tada... here comes MMA yes they finally developed it for our favorite console and for sure this is gonna be massive as the sports itself, This has been asked many times via the chatbox and finally THQ made it possible for all of us. I myself will surely play this as I've been wanting to train for MMA lately.

Hope they made it to perfection specially controls and graphics. If you've played WWE 2010 graphics sucks hope they don't do the same with this release. By the way this is just a teaser and scheduled to be out on May 2010 so be sure to bookmark this site or subscribe or you can opt to be a fan on facebook to get updated when it's out.

Sure this site will be one of the first to obtain it... I am not sure if a demo came out for us to test I will look for such an update this later... Can't think of anything else to say so just keep it cool and cheers to all.

Name: UFC 2010 Undisputed.iso
Size: 1.34GB