Due to high demand I published this today and I am happy to tell you that it is working on GEN-C but you need to use pops 3.90 for it run properly, I tried using 4.01 and I am getting a black screen with sounds.

Sony Computer Entertainment Presents showed up and that's it so make sure to use 3.90!!! For those who do not know how to all you need to do is hold L or R before launching the EBOOT do not release the button until a black screen comes up with all the pops selection menu!!!

The quality is pretty bad maybe due to the compression level I used which is 9 :) But it's bad after all, It appears to me like an RPG type due to dialogues which I always say to not prefer playing... That's all hope you enjoy this.

Name: PSX Tomba 2.rar
Size: 224.8MB (235704715 bytes)