Just another post new releas e of the day, It has been three days since I went online to add ne w stuff on this site and I feel lucky because there weren't any exciting gam es that came out in the market, If there was I could have missed it :D.

I tried one of these in the past but was disappointed due to difficulty controlling the robot, beside this particular release is Japanese, Please take note that this is tested to be working on GEN-C and GEN-D3 I am not sure if this will work on M33-6. Kindly test and try then report any issues and I will try my best to provide a fix, patch or even a ripkit to make it working.

Someone asked for Next Plus in the last month and not sure what's the difference check it hereif you want to have a look at it. A USA or English version is due to be release in the future but that's TBA yet so be sure to subscribe below and I will surely include that here to avoid duplicates.

Name: Gundam Assault Survive.iso
Size: 624.08 MB

Download | MU