I know this isn’t a trend anymore but I am trying to collect and publish as many PlayStation Portable games as I can and I am expecting to write decent details to most rather than bluff and babble about them. In that way I may be able to improve my skills in writing. Right so what is this all about? To be honest I do not know but give me some time and I will read details then go back for a few minutes and I will write a summary how it is played and its features…

I am back according to Wikipedia it is an Action – Adventure type which was originally made for the PC and PS2. It was released only as Europe as it did not became popular in Japan and the USA. The characters were based on the French comic book “I do not know the title” but that’s where they took the title and the characters.

The story is about Julius Caesar in his plan to conquer GAUL. He built a Theme Park which depicts Las Vegas he called it Las Vegum. I hate rewriting what has been written so here is a link for you to get much of it

Name: Asterix And Obelix XXL 2.iso
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