Before I start babbling again I would like to let you know in advance that I will be publishing more and more old releases as I started a self campaign that I will be filling this site up with all the games released from the time the console became available. That's quite a challenge but I have uploaded about hundreds of old games already. Thanks to JDownloader It made my life easier.

Let's go to what the title is about. So simple if you had one of those oldest and coolest tadaaa... ATARI then a collection of the popular and not so popular ATARI games were put together as a package. I never had that console and I do not have any interest playing or even trying it lols. You know I am lazy a bummer as I always mention...

I need to add more words but I am out of thoughts, Hmmm what else? There's nothing coming out of my head now come on think dummy. Well I think that's all while thinking of something to say I was able to write and add words... Good Luck!!!

Name: Activision Hits Remixed.iso
Size: 173 MB (181613163 bytes)