Before anyone else out there make this available I am or would like to go on first the line to have this title all over the WWW. If you know what I am talking about then good if not then do not bother knowing lols because it wouldn't matter to you anyway :)

To be honest this is due for release on the beginning of April but as I said I want to be the first and drive traffic here so If ever you landed here looking for link then sorry it's not available yet maybe there is already a demo or trial somewhere which I will look for later and If ever I find any I will update this page and make it available here.

I am not sure how popular this is but I think this is more for girls or ladies game and I am not expecting that much but still worth trying it won't harm anyway so good luck to me. Before it comes out in the market I am sure the first where you can get it is from torrents, Yes they're are always the first to obtain it, If you know bahamut and the other whom I forgot.

Something to look after are cheats and walkthroughs and also cwcheat that can help you easily finishing the gam e.

Name: Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley.iso
Size: 1 GB (1000000000 bytes)