According to the producer this is a combination of hack and slash RPG battle action. The role-playing progresses as the player upgrades their army with new skills, equipment and recruits between battles which are epic, fast paced and exciting.

The story is set during the Roman history which depicts the rise of a small city that influenced the way we live our lives today. It appears I am a hero here yes me "Caesar" whom you will fight with against Gauls and his army.


- Choose your own battle tactics or let the AI do it for you.

- Claimed special 3D effects fast control sensitivity.

- Blended with History Channels original video clips

As a final thought this particular release took criticism as I read on review sites and commentators most people said it could have been better if they zoom the camera as the characters are so tiny making it difficult and not enjoying to play.

Name: Great Battles of Rome.cso
Size: 463.36 MB