The story started when Boog encountered a problem of his size. Not as big as he looks, He is tame in person, and lounge at home type and is ignorant in surviving in the wild. If you watched Kung Fu Panda you may be able to picture him as a character. Suddenly he got lost in the woods just three days before the hunting period. His only hope is Elliot a mule deercwho did nothing but talk like the speed of a lightning.


- Team up with all the characters to protect the forest against the hunters.
- Use the nature as a tool like skunk bombs, acorn firing squirrels
- Ride on a floating outhouse
- Discover 25 hilarious missions
- Startup a battle with your friends with over 7 cool minis

Meet the Characters:

1. Boog - The heroin and the main character, A grizzly bear who became adapt in a city life where who grew up with Ranger Beth who rescued him when he was still a cub. As a result he did not became skillfull in the wild.

2. Elliot - A fast talking mule deer who's trying hard to be accepted, Accused as a pest due to his wildness.

3. Reilly - A beaver, known as the foreman of the forest.

4. McSquizzy - Scottish Highlands rebel, Leader of Fury clan, guardian of the Pine

5. Serge - A Duck whose always targeted by hunters.

6. Shaw - The villain who has weird ideals.

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