Play English Travel, holidays, airport, cultural exchanges summer ... You can not afford to skate with English!

At last summer, will you go on vacation and of course, arrive at the airport in a country more or less exotic, you will find the first little problem: no idea what he says the man in the office. Now is when you remember the coal that gave you the English teacher and I regret not having paid more attention in class, besides not having made an effort to understand Gerard Angelina Jolie or Butler in the original version and other dispersal aspects of their performances.

Lia rte desire to open a boring grammar book "zero ranker" safe. And come to grips with one of those manuals quick phrases out of trouble ... Puff, will be why not! Fortunately, your lovely PSP has resources for everything and for a couple of days and you can test your English with virtually PlayEnglish.

Ever wanted to be James Bond? Well, because in PlayEnglish not going to be nowhere near! Yes, get ready for an adventure game fun, entertaining and going "to itch" to which you know all what you say in English if you want to catch Sinclair, an elusive thief who has been hit this summer in British Gallery. A masterstroke designed by the Spanish study Tonika Games Development and endorsed by the prestigious learning system Vaughan Systems.

Go! Are you going to miss the adventure of the summer? If I were you and was acquiring PlayEnglish. By the way, if you do it before the end of July, you get the gift of a ticket *, return to London for free. No draws! To repeat, completely "free" would say James Blond, our brand new PlayEnglish protagonist.

To learn more about PlayEnglish, I invite you in on the intricate mysteries of our website. By the way: any resemblance with Blond Bond is pure aural:)!

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