Sound fishy isn't it? You wouldn't expect that this is already out do you? Not even in torrents.

Well I am telling you definitely not because this is just a teaser it's not even out yet according to IGN release date is November 2, 2010 but I doubt it because this will be leak for sure just what happened to UFC 2010 maybe an insider did that.

As usual I do not have the interest playing this but I will upload this on megauplaod, rapidshare and of course adrive.

I will try to provide cheats and ripkit too. But it may take sometime as I will be very busy to recover and re-launch the forum. Writing articles and reviewing is a difficult task for me so I am leaving the rest to Mr. G now. good luck.

Name: Ys: The Oath in Felghana.iso
Size: 645 MB