Yays another advance post of course as it seems to me like a high demand. I read details and they say that this is based the Japanese TV Program with the same title.

Looking the characters on the Front Cover of the UMD it more looks like the Bioman if you ever watched that in the 80's or the American version Power Rangers.

This is due for release today but scene community have no updates as of the moment so we are all waiting while people around the globe are keenly waiting for it to become available online.

To be honest it looks retarded to me maybe because it's more for Kids than adults as how the character looks like and Oh before I forget to mention this is in Japanese only. Haven't heard of any English or USA version. In addition this is available in Wii too.

Below are the characters available on the ga me:

Name: Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO.iso
Size: 581.2MB (609384448 bytes)