Monster Hunter Freedom 2 PSPMonster Hunter Freedom 2 for PSP a game I have no idea about asked by someone from the chatbox so I published, You know me I take requests.

I was thinking and searching how to make this page valuable so it get's index by major search engines but it's really difficult to write something about a game you haven't played and you know nothing about.

Then suddenly an idea pop off my head and thought I could asked my visitors who always download free psp games here to write something about the games they asked, What a brilliant idea but may be difficult to achieve.

I hope someone's reading this article and volunteer to be my writer which will be, like a game reviewer and in exchange I will provide all the games you asked a win win situation approach...

So now you know that if you asked for game via the chatbox you will have to provide me with a review or even just a thought of what you've experienced about the game.

Okay that's it for now I wouldn't expect this page to be be indexed by the searche engines.

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