Whoa!!!! I am updated again? I don't what the heck happened but this site went to hiatus just when God of War Ghost of Sparta went out that was when I am expecting to get flooded with traffic. I am suspecting it's because of the surveys from CPALEAD even my PR got lost huhuhu that's real sad. What happens if my PR sinks or worst get totally lost? Dang revenue looses as well.

Ads showing on my site will be the one's that offers the least or the one's that has low budget. I am glad that it just went back I mean my trophy pages just went back and I hope I'll get the usual earnings back.

Anyways this is supposed to be a gaming blog not drama or some SEO site so let's shift topic. I know for sure that the world is gonna go crazy with this game knowing how popular Final Fantasy is and I want to take advantage of my neighbors hopefully no one has written anything about this yet so I get on top.

FYI this is not out yet according to IGN this will be out on December 13 of this year. If a demo comes out I will surely update this page.

Name: Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.iso
Size: 1.7 GB